News - 9 May 2022

Validity Pinkpop 2020 and 2021 tickets

Did you buy your ticket with Ticketmaster (or Buro Pinkpop in Geleen) in 2020 of 2021 and have not requested a voucher or return fee but kept your ticket? Then your ticket is still valid for 2022. This means you don’t have to do anything, except bringing your ticket to Landgraaf in June!

Please note the right date on your day ticket:

  • Friday 19 June 2020 / Friday 18 June 2021 = Friday 17 June 2022
  • Saturday 20 June 2020 / Saturday 19 June 2021 = Saturday 18 June 2022
  • Sunday 21 June 2020 / Sunday 20 June 2021 = Sunday 19 June 2022
  • Weekend tickets remain valid for the 2022 weekend = 17/18/19 June

Did you request a voucher but haven’t done anything with it yet? Please note that your voucher is not valid as a ticket, so be sure to hand in your voucher to receive a valid Pinkpop ticket. At the moment, tickets for Pinkpop Saturday and Sunday are still available.

Beware tickets that were purchased at unofficial box offices, digitally or otherwise. Pinkpop organizers can’t vouch for the validity of such tickets. If in doubt, please contact the party where you bought your tickets!

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