News - 4 May 2022

Ticketmaster resale platform

Ticketmaster, our official and only point of sale, has a new service: a resale platform. From now on, you can safely sell your own Pinkpop ticket or possibly re-buy one from another fan who is unable to attend.


Selling your ticket is very easy:
1) Log in to your Ticketmaster account
2) Select the ticket you want to sell and click on the ‘sell’ button
3) Determine your selling price

Your ticket will then immediately be available for other fans!

To buy?

On the Pinkpop event pages on Ticketmaster, you will find the tickets that have been made available by other fans under ‘other options’. You can also still register for the waiting list. You will receive an email from Ticketmaster as soon as tickets become available. The waiting list option appears when you click on ‘continue’ when selecting a regular ticket.

Resale tickets are cancelled right after the sale. The buyer of a resell ticket receives a new ticket with a new barcode.

Pinkpop tickets for the Saturday and Sunday are currently still available on Ticketmaster.

Click here for any questions on the resale platform.

Please note: it is not possible to resell parking tickets. You can cancel the order and get refunded after your Pinkpop festival ticket has been sold.