News - 29 April 2022

Madoux at Pinkpop 2023

During the award ceremony of the ‘Limburgse Popprijzen’ (Limburg pop prizes) this evening, at the grand opening of the venue Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen, the organizers of ‘Pop In Limburg’ had a big surprise for the winner of the category ‘De Belofte’ (the promise): Lotte Slangen and her alt-pop band MADOUX are the opening act of Pinkpop in 2023!

The ‘Limburgse Popprijzen’ were awarded for the third time to artists, entrepreneurs and/or organizers who contributed most significantly to the Limburg pop sector in 2021. With the category ‘De Belofte’, ‘Pop In Limburg’ is looking to invest in the development of an artist or act so they are able to further develop on the pop scene. MADOUX was the winner in this category this year.

With her band MADOUX singer-songwriter Lotte Slangen makes ‘Dark and Dreamy Alt-Pop’. In 2021 she released her first single ‘runner’. In that year MADOUX presented their debut EP ‘Leave Me Behind’ and released 4 singles.

Traditionally, the winner of the contest ‘Nu of Nooit’ (now or never) was allowed to open that year’s edition of Pinkpop. In 2019 Pop in Limburg stopped organizing this provincial pop contest after more than 25 years. Pinkpop thinks it is still very important to keep investing in the Limburg pop scene and the musical future of the province. This is the reason the winner of Limburgse Popprijs will get a spot on the Pinkpop podium.

This means that MADOUX’s opening at Pinkpop is an award, the band earned under their own steam, a prize for a contest. It could be called unique for the Netherlands that a local pop prize can lead to a gig at a major international festival.