Pearl Jam is coming to Pinkpop in 2022! It is the fourth time that Eddie Vedder and his fellow band members will throw an unprecedented rock party.

The first Pearl Jam gig in Landgraaf, in the rain in 1992, was of an unprecedented intensity. Eddie’s audience dive brought the group eternal Pinkpop fame. From that moment on, grunge had the Netherlands firmly in its grip for a couple of years. Pearl Jam grew up under the magnifying glass of fans and critics and, to many surprises, managed to develop into a valuable, steadfast, and headstrong rock group. Eddie and his pals seemed infinitely older and wiser when they took the Pinkpop stage in 2000. Sun-drenched this time, the group from Seattle played a tight, highly professional set. By then they had six studio albums to their name, and the Pinkpop gig was immortalized as number 13 of the first 72 Official Bootlegs. It would then take not eight but eighteen years for Pearl Jam to come to Pinkpop again. On Friday, June 15, 2018, the band gave 70,000 people the most beautiful sunset imaginable. National daily De Volkskrant wrote about Eddie’s “unfeigned inspiration” – and he is not going to be less intense in 2021, when Pearl Jam is headlining Pinkpop Saturday. Be prepared to hear songs from debut album Ten up to Gigaton, which came out in 2020. Anyone who knows a thing or two about Eddie, Stone, Mike, Jeff, and Matt, will be certain that they close the festival weekend with a bang!