Pinkpop is becoming greener and greener. In 2008 Pinkpop received the Green ’n Clean Award from Yourope, ‘the most important Association of European Festivals’. This association stimulates the collaboration and sharing of knowledge within the festival world. It stands for the ‘improvement of the festival industry’, in a social context, with regard to safety and environmental issues and promoting cross-border exchange of live music talent in Europe.

In order to receive this Green ’n Clean Award, a festival needs to meet a set of demands concerning sustainable management, transport, waste control, energy use and the proper use of food and water. Pinkpop works hard each year to achieve this and continues to make the event greener and reduce its ecological footprint.

What we do

  • We are very active in separating waste material at the Pinkpop festival site and camping sites. Visitors, caterers, deliverers and artists all work together! Separately collected waste is further processed in the most environmentally friendly way. The rest is taken to a special waste incinerator that turns the waste into green energy.
  • It is prohibited to distribute flyers and such on the festival and camping sites, to limit the
    amount of waste paper. For each visitor, we print one programme on FSC-certified paper.
    Pinkpop promotional material (flyers and posters et cetera) is printed on 50% recycled
  • Pinkpop hosts social organizations like Amnesty International.
  • Pinkpop festival T-shirts are largely produced fair and made of organic cotton. T-shirts that
    are produced in a fair way feel much more comfortable to wear!
  • We use recycled toilet paper on all Pinkpop toilets.
  • We use water-efficient toilets at the festival site that do not use large amounts of chemicals.
  • We have water-efficient shower heads in the shower units of our camping sites.
  • Pinkpop workers use bikes instead of scooters and cars whenever possible.
  • We re-use decoration materials: old Pinkpop banners are turned into key hangers and bags
    etcetera by Philadelphia (former 100% Heerlen).
  • A lot of the lighting we use has already been changed into LED lighting.
  • We have a large assortment of organic and/or fair-trade foods and beverages at Pinkpop.

What you can do

  • The largest component of pollution on festivals still is CO2 emission. So, we need to start at the beginning: get here in an eco-friendly way! Are you from the area? Use your bike! You can park it for free near the Pinkpop main entrance and the Pinkpop campings. If you live further away, take the train or travel with one of the organized bus tours.
  • If you do come by car, make sure all the seats are taken; carpooling to Pinkpop is more fun, eco-friendlier and less expensive.
  • When you leave the camping site, don’t leave camping gear or waste behind, but collect it in the freely available waste bags, attainable at the reception, and bring the full bags to the reception or info stand. You will receive a fun Pinkpop souvenir in return. Re-usable items can be brought to the special recyclable goods container. These will be taken to recycle shops in the area after the festival.
  • Join the famous Pinkpop cup recycling programme. For each stack of 50 used cups you will receive a token and aid the recycling of over 4 tonnes of plastic, following the cradle-to-cradle principle (the cups are used to make new products). The paper trays can also be returned at the ‘BEKER INNAMEPUNTEN’ (recycle-your-cup stands). For 25 trays you will receive 1 token.