By bike

Are you coming from the Limburg region? Take your bike! Cycling is healthy, better for the environment, you don’t have to deal with traffic jams and you can park in front of the festival site!

By bus (combi)

Bus trip at various points in the Netherlands (optional + Pinkpop ticket)

No desire to lug around baggage in crowded train stations or busy parking lots? Travel to Pinkpop by bus, with EventTravel! Choose from over 150 pick-up points all over the Netherlands. You can choose between one-day or weekend trips in-/ or excluding Pinkpop tickets.

Is your pick-up point and/or take-off time not mentioned in the Event Travel schedule? Simply put in your request at: EventTravel and organize your own bus trip. If necessary, Event travel will even find other passengers for your bus, so you won’t run a financial risk.

For more information or questions, please contact Event Travel during working hours at:, by phone: +31 (0) 38 42 567 30 or by chat at:

Buy a combi ticket (festival and bus ticket) and receive a 5 euro discount!

Tickets parking

A parking ticket for Pinkpop is available only in combination with your online purchase of your Pinkpop ticket through

Please note that a parking ticket will only give access to the parking area that is stated on your ticket.

Weekend ticket (Thursday through Monday)

  • Parking area ‘A/B’ – €40 per ticket (near Camping sites A and B) SOLD OUT
  • Parkingarea ‘C’ – €30 per ticket (next to Camping site C)

One-day ticket (Friday or Saturday or Sunday)
• Parking areas ‘D’ and ‘E’ – € 15 per ticket

Ticket prices are exclusive of 10% service costs per ticket.

Parking ‘A/B’ is organized by a privately-owned company. Parking areas ‘C’, ‘D’ and ‘E’ are organized by the council of Landgraaf.

Shuttle buses

Shuttle buses will drive between the Festival ground, Pinkpop camping sites, the Landgraaf train station and the parking areas. All Pinkpop shuttle buses are free of charge for Pinkpop visitors!

Accessibility for people with special needs

In close collaboration with INTER Pinkpop ensures that the festival is also accessible to people with special needs. Do you wish to make use of the facilities for people with special needs at the festival site, parking and/or Camping site A? For more information, please send an email to

In order to make use of the facilities for people with special needs, you need a valid entrance ticket. There are no discounts for people with special needs or accompanying parties. Each festival goer pays the same price.

Parking / Kiss & ride
A parking and Kiss & ride area for people with special needs will be established as close as possible to the entrance of the festival area and Camping site A. Since the number of places here is limited, don’t wait too long with your application! For more information, please send an email to

Festival site
There is a separate, easily accessible and less crowded entrance for people with special needs. One helper can join entering here. Guide dogs are allowed at both the festival and camping sites. Folding chairs are not allowed at the festival.

Near the Mainstage, the IBA Parkstad Stage and the Tent Stage there are platforms for wheelchair users, people on crutches and with other special needs (and one companion) to enjoy their favorite bands. Of course, the platforms are intended for people with special needs in the first place. If they get too crowded, Inter assistants will request the companions to leave the platform.

There are toilets for persons with special needs spread around the festival site. There are Inter assistants available at the festival (near the wheelchair platforms for instance). They can help you if necessary: to visit the toilets, buy food or drinks, when you have a problem with your wheelchair, et cetera.

A special zone of camping site A will be reserved for people with special needs. Friends and family are also welcome there (with a maximum of two companions and only with a valid ticket). Please note: capacity is limited here, so don’t wait too long with your application! For more information, please send an email to

Inter assistants will be available to help you pitch your tent, move your baggage or visit the toilets, etcetera. There are special-needs toilets and showers. There is also a special area with an adjustable bed and equipment to charge your electrical wheelchair or fix flat tires.
This camping site is part of the regular Pinkpop site, so make sure you carry your valid wristband and tickets!

Mobility scooters
Please note that mobility scooters aren’t allowed at the festival site for security reasons. However, there is a spot near the entrance, where you can park your scooter and exchange it for a regular wheelchair. Make sure you request one on time! For more information, please send an email to