Never waste a good crisis! If you know a little bit about Thelonious Monster’s hole-heavy history, you’ll understand that a new album, their first in sixteen years, could only be released on November 3, 2020, the day of the American presidential election. The band still embodies the alternative rock sound of Los Angeles, sometimes flimsy and nonsensical, sometimes profound, and right to the point. Bob Forrest is alive and kicking and we’ll know it – although you won’t have to expect antics from him like in 1993, when he climbed to the roof of the stage tent with the vague idea of surpassing Eddie Vedder’s leap of a year earlier. Bob now runs a rehab clinic, and with Oh That Monster the band just made their most relevant album since Beautiful Mess (1992). Or, as Bob wrote on the band’s website: “Full circle as they say. Still angry. Still hurt. Still mad to laugh. Mad for living.” Happy to see Thelonious Monster back at Pinkpop!