The best-selling and most streamed album of 2019 in the Netherlands? That’s Francis by Frenna, of course. He surpasses artists like Billie Eilish and Ed Sheeran, to name but a few. Francis Edusei aka Frenna starts making a name for himself as a member of The Hague’s rap formation SFB (Strictly Family Business) in 2013. With his share in the New Wave project and the eponymous, award-winning album from 2015, Frenna becomes one of the pioneers of Dutch-language hiphop (Nederhop). Have a look at his discography and you can’t deny that everything he touches turns to gold. No surprise then, that after five years of producing hits, Frenna wins big at the sixth FunX Music Awards in June 2019: Best singer, Best album and Best collab. Pretty good to have him with us on Friday, we say!