‘I’m special, so special / I gotta have some of your attention / Give it to me / ‘Cause I gonna make you see / There’s nobody else here / No one like me.’ Chrissie Hynde, rock chick for life, left the small American town of Akron, Ohio for London in the early seventies and never looked back. She was already ‘special’ when she scored classic new wave hit Brass In Pocket with The Pretenders in 1979. Tough, cool, self-assured, she’s been ‘special’ ever since. Forty years later, at the age of 67, her coolness is as intact as ever, as is her voice. Timing, expressiveness, timbre – from sultry to nasal to rip-roaring – all pitch perfect. As is the power of The Pretenders. A versatile, super-inspirational rock institution, built to last.