Each generation produces its own pop stars. Matt Healy, thirty-year-old singer of successful British ensemble The 1975 – a group of friends he’s been making music with since the age of thirteen – is the biggest new British pop star of 2019. The 1975 are totally now not only in the UK, but also in America and Europe. As real exponents of the streaming era and the aesthetic of the playlist, the group switch up genres song by song, like a chameleon changing colour. Soundscapes, (synth-)pop, dance, soul, funk, (indie) rock… Matty and his mates can turn their hand to anything. Their most recent (brilliant) record is called A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. Because, as Matty told OOR earlier this year: ‘These days you can’t make an album about how people relate to each other without talking about the internet.’ The 1975 are never stuck for a post-modern slogan or a hint of megalomania (but always presented with biting irony). Nor for such lucid jewels as Chocolate, Sex, The Sound and Love It If We Made It (the very best number of last year!).