Though it’s very tempting to say so, this is not the ‘Return of the Space Cowboy’ as this is actually the first time Jamiroquai have played Pinkpop. In spite of the fact that the colourful Jay Kay and co. have been the festival act since the mid-nineties, with their groovy acid jazz and adventurous arsenal of hits. Virtual Insanity, Cosmic Girl, Deeper Underground and – now he returns – Space Cowboy are guaranteed to get any field moving, while their experiments into EDM and trap on the funky Automaton (2017) make an irresistible appeal to swinging hips. ‘The most carefree party of the year’ is how OOR described Automaton. Mixing positive vibes with a big conscience – since Jamiroquai recognised the Emergency On Planet Earth in 1993, little has changed in our approach to the decline of Mother Earth – but at least we can still swing.